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The New Neutral Palette
When decorating your living room, keep in mind one simple mantra—neutral works in any setting. Now if you’re afraid of expressing your personality with a neutral palette, think again.

Neutral Style Guide
The key to delivering a cohesive living room look is to stay within your palette, for all the elements in the room. For example, if your walls are a flat gray, consider incorporating some of these elements (all in tones of silver and gray):
·         Shimmer over sheer
·         Home accent chandelier with metallic shades
·         Smooth leather upholstery on pouf, chair or bench
·         Mirrored coffee tables
·         Sofa linens in an assortment of textures
·         White floor and table lamps
·         Baseboards, crowns, doors and windows painted high gloss white

Beyond the Pale
The new neutrals come in a surprising assortment of hues. You can focus on one color (the palest of pinks, lavenders, taupes or creams) or you can pair it with another cool color to add interest and you’re on your way to a gorgeous living room makeover.

Your Dream Theme
When outfitting your retreat, let the wall color guide the look of the room. If you have stark white walls, consider going with a whitewashed, or distressed wood motif. Use seashells, rope, baskets and linen to bring the look together. Taupe walls would pair well with creams, sleek metals and glass. You get the idea. Just remember to keep everything light and pale, nothing too saturated. Your living room is not the place for bold colors. It should be your peaceful, quiet sanctuary.

White and cream are very trendy colors for living rooms this year. Indeed, matched with simple and sheer colors, you can mix with smooth textures. We suggest a simple and refined style which remains natural and peaceful. A sophisticated and a relaxed ambiance together make up a perfect living room.
Be careful, try to favor as far as possible neutral and sober elements that you may match with some shimmery and elegant hues giving a personal bracing shade.

This year, we emphasize on a simple, refined style and a stylized lighting that enhances your home. There is some advice for living room organization:

Personality: Simple, refined, elegant, modern, current, spacious, minimalist
Strongest colors: Black, white, blue, green
Matter: Leather, soft and smooth textures
Furniture and accessories: Coffee tables, vases, flowers, candelabrums, sofas, mirrors, contemporary chairs, sofa bed.
Decoration elements: tiles, stools, bay windows
Different styles: soft style, industrial style, design style 

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