Friday, 24 July 2015

Decorating Tips

by Forschler's Home Center

Close your eyes and set aside all worries for a minute or two. What could make your home your dream home? Sometimes all it takes is changing or adding one element.


Did you envision a luxurious home theater? Entertainment centers can turn any wall into a main focal point. Take what you pictured and apply your style. For example, if your dream was of a modern home, find a contemporary styled entertainment center. If you pictured a cozy cabin or beach house setting, explore rustic or vintage style. If you envisioned a relaxed, yet elegant home, look for traditional or classic styles. Some entertainment centers include remote-controlled electric fireplaces―ideal if you love the ambiance of a fire without all the work. Beautiful lighted display cabinets or bookcases can be added―perfect for showing off your favorite keepsakes!


If a new entertainment center is not in the cards, tap your dreams and find other focal points. For example, it could be that your home has a fireplace mantle or a picture window that just needs to be dressed up. Place furniture and decorative accessories around these areas to anchor the room. If the room has no main focal point, here’s your chance for creativity. Find a conversation piece like a huge work of art, giant aquarium, hanging fireplace, skylight, bookcase or perhaps a beautiful curio cabinet and make one of these the focal point of your home. Another option is to paint one of the walls your favorite color. Then embellish it with paintings or decorative wall art of places you dream of going or favorite places you’ve been.

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