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Country Decor For Your Suburban Home

by Forschler's Home Center

Country Style Bedroom:
Whether your style is casual or refined, adding a Country style to your bedroom will create a warm and inviting space. Finally! You can retire to a bedroom that says cozy! One might ask how can I achieve this look? Get inspired with these Country bedroom essentials:

First and foremost, nothing says country like beautiful wood textures. There is something about natural elements that implies a soothing environment.  From reclaimed wood to smooth finishes, your choice of bedroom furniture should reflect your personality – edgy and slightly daring or toned down and timeless. A Country style bedroom set also typically includes dark metal hardware. As for the bedroom accents, since the furniture is quite neutral, have fun with adding a little pop of color to your pieces.

Country Living Room:
Homeowners, fashion a stay-awhile living room with a melting pot of country style designs! Perhaps the most sought after trends in a living room lean toward the French Country and Rustic styles. The ever so beautiful slipcovered sofa is both elegant and cozy. As for the country-looking sofa with a rustic edge, aim for an upholstered sofa with a nailhead trim.

Country Living Decor:
Tap into your inner Country girl or boy to decorate your home with stylish and practical accessories. Just think, if you were handed a fully furnished country house, which staple decorative pieces would you include to make it a home? To help you get inspired, here is a nugget of information. It seems that Country Living is regarded as the “simple life”. Perhaps most, if not all items in this type of home are not mass produced. Items are handmade, passed down as heirlooms and used for practical purposes. How do we mesh this information with modern day style? Here are some thrifty and functional ideas:

Use mason jars and tuck flowers in them to create a casual style or use them for organizational purposes.
Other country-infused ideas include the use of open shelves and neutral-toned basket to organize your pieces. The key is to avoid clutter.
As mentioned previously, heirlooms seem to play a significant role. Use country collectibles to tie in the idea of items being passed down.

Benches & Hall Trees:
Another must-have is the use of benches or halls trees. They are typically seen in an entrance, a hallway or in a mudroom. A bench is useful for putting or removing shoes and for additional storage below. As for the hall tree, this piece is a hallmark for mudrooms. It is useful to hang coats, for storage or for seating when putting/removing shoes. Although it can also be placed in an entrance, if space permits it, the hall tree will add charm wherever it is featured.

Country Style Color Palette:

When it comes to the Country style color palette, the range of colors includes neutral tones of brown and beige. However, it is not unusual to see other toned down colors such as white, blue or green.  Often, these colors are used for accent pieces and show signs of distressing to give them a vintage look. How quaint!

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