Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Hosting ideas for Christmas!

By Forschler's

Are you hosting for the holidays this year? As you know, hosts have a lot on their plates. This implies that your work will be cut out for you long before your guests arrive. In order to pull off an elegant get-together, whether it is a sit-down dinner or a cocktail party, you need to consider whether you will be in a position to accommodate your guests. The question remains, do you have the appropriate furniture for hosting this season? Here are some smart buys that have multifunctional use.

The sleeper sofa:

Are you looking to replace your sofa? Or are you having difficulty coming up with sleeping arrangements for guests that are coming from out of town? Then why not consider purchasing a stylish sofa that transform into a queen-size bed? Not only will you wind up with a beautiful sofa to seat your guests and that meshes perfectly with your home décor, but it would provide the perfect retreat for overnight guests. It’s a win-win situation.

Dining room hacks:

There are a few dining room hacks that can help you execute a successful dinner party. Ideally, the most accommodating dining table would have a leaf extension. That way, seating your guests will be a breeze. If you do not have such a table or cannot attempt to purchase one, contemplate buying a bench, especially since current trends favor mixing styles. This gives you freedom to purchase a bench that doesn’t necessarily match! By using a bench, you can maximize the seating around your table, as the other chairs being replaced by the bench will be additional seating. However, if you plan to host a self-serve meal to avoid the fuss of figuring seating arrangements, you may want to look at the practical “Trishelle” dining set. This set has shelving below the table, which can be convenient to pile plates, cups and cutlery below the food you want to display. There you have it, your perfect buffet sidekick! 

Multifunctional living room pieces:

The dining room is not the only room you should examine when thinking about serving your guests. Your living room can feature convenient pieces such as an ottoman, which can serve as a foot rest for your guests would like to enjoy some television or as a tray to serve your perfect Christmas cocktail drink. The ottoman is not the largest purchase you can make, but it is quite nifty. Next is the famous coffee table that meets storage. The “Vennilux” coffee table is a masterful blend between style and practicality. 


This storage crate allows you to store pillows, throws and even poufs you may want to pull out for additional seating!

Happy hosting and more importantly, happy holidays!

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