Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Ideas For Martin Luther King Holiday

By Forschler's Home Center

Everybody has dreams, right? And what if they come true? Martin Luther King Jr, a civil-rights activist had one some years ago, where all Americans, regardless of their background and cultural diversity would become equal.
As we celebrate Martin Luther King’s holiday on January 18th; we should continue to put this dream of a “better world” into practice by:

1-     Take the opportunity to give some of your time as a volunteer in citizen action groups

2-     Spend quality time with your family and kids. What a great lesson it is to teach them what this day symbolizes and have them share their own dreams!

3-     Bring a bit of culture diversity to your ears by going to live-music tributes or listen to readings!

4-     Watch parades or go to museum exhibits; most of them are free on that day!

5-     Make a holiday dinner featuring cuisine from different countries or regions.

Whether you're a dreamer or hope to achieve a cleaner environment, a better dish, or the perfect tea party, this holiday should inspire you to move forward with your aspirations. With or without kids, appreciate the most of the diversity on this day.

Happy Martin Luther King Holiday!

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