Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend

By Forschler's Home Center

Watching city parades, visiting military cemeteries and memorials, commemorating the fallen with the US flag … there are so many ways to pay tribute and honor to the soldiers who fought in the war. How about you make some slight changes to your Memorial weekend routine and spend it differently for once?

Memorial Day weekend is a great time to remember our US soldiers, but also to spend time with family and friends. As Memorial Day also marks the beginning of summer and all outdoor events:
- many people go away for a short vacation or visit family and friends,
- others plan outdoor sport events
- visit a national museum of American history

All these outdoor activities can be so inspirational and influence your home style too!  The cottage style is the latest trend. Here are a few creative ideas on how to change your home and adopt the cottage style at least for this coming season:

Start by picking the right pastel colors- green, yellow, pink, cream or white! Now, you can play with your available home square footage. In doing so, you will make your home more inviting and optimize your home living space, while creating comfort at the same time!

Then get the right materials- wood, stone and all natural materials that will bring texture and emphasize your home coziness!

From the dining room to the bedroom ….it looks easy to set the perfect cottage tone and enjoy all the unique lived-in comfort a home can offer.

If the weather permits, then you should definitely set foot outside. Picnicking can be great during this season: all you need is a throw and to decide where to place it - in a park or in your backyard. You could also take your dinette furniture outside on your patio for a unique friends and family gathering!

Ensure that you make the most of your long weekend! Happy Memorial Day!

                                                   Content provided by: @tailbase

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