Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Integrate The 2015 Fall Colors in Your Home Decoration!

by Forschler's Home Center

This year, fall color scheme includes neutrals and bold tones. We must get inspiration from landscapes, forests and fields. Even colors name refer to the nature; Dried Herb, Desert Sage, Stormy weather, Oak Buff, Amethyst Orchid, etc. This unisex color palette is easy to integrate in every home since the tints please everyone! Here are some tips and ideas to help you create a beautiful autumnal home decor:

As the color palette contains a lot of dark tints, we have to be careful with which we decide to use. To make a perfect fall mood without darken the place, we must follow some easy but crucial rules.

1-   Walls and furniture
Dark colors have this tendency to make a room seems smaller than it really is. That’s why we should choose a light color for the walls and big furniture. It will help to balance the main decor.

2-      Accents
As the bigger part of the room is pale, we can add some coolness accent. Marsala, Stormy Weather and Reflecting Pond are adding a touch of luxury and finesse when they are perfectly mixed with pale shades.

3-      Don’t forget the cozy side!

An interior design can’t be autumnal if it doesn’t contain some cozy hint. Pillows and throws are the perfect match to add this delicate accent. Of course, faded colors inspire the warm comfort and security of a house full of joy and souvenirs.

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