Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Labor Day Weekend: 3 Activities

by Forschler's Home Center

We all like long weekends, but sometimes we don’t know what to do. Labor Day is a perfect day to take a break from any work, including housework and laundry! Take time to rest a little and spend some quality time with friends and family. Here are some ideas for a successful long weekend:

Play outside!
Is the sun shining and is the weather good? Take advantage of this perfect combination to organize a game of soccer or baseball with people you like to be with. If you are not sport buffs, just take time to sit in the backyard and talk about your favorite movie or anything that pleases you and your guests!

Make a brunch!
We all love to spend a little more time in bed on weekend mornings. Of course, the best thing after that is a good brunch with pancakes and chocolate milk!

Do nothing!
Sometimes, the only thing that we want to do during a long weekend is nothing! Just hanging there with a cup of coffee; observe nature in your backyard; or sitting by the window and leaf through a book or a magazine. Take a deep breath and relax…

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