Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Getting Together For St. Patrick’s Day

By Forschler's Home Center

St. Patrick’s day, the patron saints’ feast is coming! No need to be in Ireland or Irish to celebrate it, as March 17th has become a cultural tradition spread all over the world. It is more of a religious holiday in Ireland where St. Patrick was known for converting the people to Christianity. In other countries, this day is a symbol of sharing Irish traditions and heritage. Some people would even say that it is their luckiest day!

Indoor or outdoor- lots of things are planned for gatherings on St. Pat’s! Here are a few ideas you will definitely crush on. No matter what mood you are in; get ready to see everything green!

Our indoors/ in-house suggestions!

If you decide to throw your own St Pat’s party, you will be rewarded as you can make a great party on a budget and enjoy the most of the day! 
Start by turning your house green with a green sofa and homeaccents or get few accessories like green leprechaun’s hat, shamrock!

Once the atmosphere is set, you can now get some drinks and food ready. If you are a great cook, you can attempt to cook some typical Patrick’s Day dinner with colcannon or Irish stew. Whatever you plan to make, just remember that “a room without potatoes is like a body without a soul.” Make sure you have potatoes!

Put some nice Irish music and start dancing!

Our outdoor /outside your house suggestions:
If you live close to the Chicago River, you might see the leftover of the river dyed in green the weekend prior to the D-day.

In the morning, you can start your day on a green foot – drink an Irish coffee and wear green clothes to fit in the Patty’s day mood!

Then, participate in a street parade in the afternoon. Eat the classic corned beef dish!

Continue or finish your day in a pub for a stout and just feel the Irish culture ambiance surrounding you!

So many things can be done to celebrate St. Pat’s but the best part is that you can share this moment gathering with friends and family.
Happy St. Patrick’s day!

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