Tuesday, 8 March 2016

International Women’s Day: Now & Then

By Forschler's Home Center

In the 1950s, the typical middle class woman was responsible for childcare, meals and household maintenance. Her femininity was reflected in being able to perform in these areas, while looking her best! In fact, there was an ongoing consumerism trend that offered different products and methods to improve the ideal homemaker. These characteristics were not simply suggested by means of advertisement and commercials; they were depicted in action via popular sitcoms. Television was not merely for entertainment, it was a teacher of acceptable family values.

As we know, the role of the woman has shifted over time. Their responsibilities are not largely domestic, as they have been encouraged to enter the workforce. There are women who still enjoy being homemakers today, but it is no longer an expectation. Although women are aiming to gain gender parity, this doesn’t take away from their femininity!

Besides it being reflected on their outer appearance, women still show a side of their femininity in the household. Not only does it resonate with keeping the house tidy or decluttered, but also through home décor of course! A home with elegant furniture, texture, vibrant colors and spruced up with eye catching accents is usually an understatement for a “woman’s touch”.

That being said, only a woman would choose tasteful living room furniture or a buffet to expose her beautiful china! Hence, even though the role of the woman has significantly evolved, this is a girly side that will always remain in their DNA.

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