Friday, 5 June 2015

Brighten It Up With Colors!

Colors have the power to influence a room’s atmosphere.  They should be your ever-present ally when trying to lighten, make a room look bigger, or simply giving a unique touch to your home. Discover how to use colors to your satisfaction!

No more dark and dull (I would use dull – most people won’t know that word) tones. With summer’s arrival, it’s time to brighten up your interior with a touch of fresh and dynamic color.
From the living room to restrooms, including the bedroom, transform your walls with green, yellow or blue… colors that will always give you a hint of summer.

Change any room:

Energize your living room with a blue-colored wall.
It will bring an exotic touch. In addition, your accent decorations will be highlighted.

Separate the living room from the kitchen.
Use an open red partition with circled gaps: Its bright red color will give a clean touch.  Using wall art will enhance this look and serve as a finishing touch.

A navy-blue ambiance for the best comfort!
Favor a holiday oceanfront atmosphere by incorporating a Mediterranean blue color. Always enhance your room color with accent pillows to bring balance to your bedroom decor.

Beveled glass color: A zen bathroom
Beveled glass gives a relaxing feeling thanks to its enveloping and fresh sensation feel. Favor a white bath and hardwood flooring to bring harmony to your décor.

Remember that a pleasant-colored style promotes vivid colors, circle shapes and several patterns. So let your imagination run wild and let the colors do the talking!

Keep this short summary in mind:
  1. Personality: unusual, colored, energetic, creative, seventies, original, optimist, lighten.
  2. Main colors: vivid red, purple red, orange, yellow, lighten blue, green.
  3. Materials: PVC, wood, plastic, textiles.
  4. Furniture and accessories: adjustable storages, paintings, pictures, high stools, carpets, poufs.
  5. Decoration elements: Painted walls in vivid colors, lighting tiles, tiling, vivid colored paintings.

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