Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Father's Day Cards Ideas!

by Forschler's Home Center

Happy Father's Day

When a special day like Father`s Day is around the corner, surely we want to offer our celebrated something special to tell them how much we love them. Parents always have and always will love homemade gifts and cards, because of all the love we put in it when making the craft. Here are 2 card ideas you can easily do with kids or by yourself:

Wallet Card

You will need: 
Brown craft paper: 4.5x11(cover of the wallet); 3.75x11(big pocket for the message); 1.5x3(small pocket for the gift card)
Craft paper (choose his favorite color) for the message you will write Glue to stick all parts together

  1. Put ½ inch of glue on the 2 smaller sides and 1 bigger side of the “big pocket” paper. Then stick it to the “cover” corner-to-corner. Make sure that there is one side of the “big pocket” that doesn’t have any glue, and then you will be able to slide your message in it!
  2. Do the same for the “small pocket” and stick it on the “big pocket” to the right or to the left, but not in the center!
  3. Slide your message in the bigger pocket and your gift card in the smaller one and bend the paper wallet in the center.

BBQ Card

You will need: 
Craft paper (choose his favorite colors!): 8.8x11(Apron); 7.5x3(pocket); 6x1.5(name tag) 
2 inch ribbon 
2 little buttons 
An image of BBQ utensils (printed or drawn) 
Glue and pencil!

  1. Cut the 2 upper corners to make curves.
  2. Put ½ inch of glue on the 2 smaller sides and 1 bigger side of the pocket. Then stick it to the bottom of the apron. Stick the 2 buttons on both 2 top sides of the apron.
  3. Stick each end of the ribbon behind the top of the apron.
  4. Add the utensils in the pocket as well as your message.
  5. Stick the name tag to the pocket listing the name of the kids.

Then, just write how much you love him and why you think he`s the best dad in the world, and there you go!

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