Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Fruits Everywhere!

Sometimes we have a lack of ideas on how to eat healthy. Then, we feel guilty because we know that it is important to eat well. If you are looking for inspiration to win this battle, here are some tips and ideas for you:

1- Bet on color
Buy fruits that have an attractive look; strawberries, red or green apples, oranges, watermelon, etc. The vivid colors will catch your attention and stimulate your appetite just because they seem more delicious than neutral ones.

It is known; there are more chances to eat fruit if we have them right under our noses; one of the reasons for that phenomenon is the point we raised just above. We usually put fruit in a drawer in the refrigerator and when we are hungry, we take a quick look in the fridge to find something attractive for our stomach. Many times, we peek inside the refrigerator without actually opening any drawers or moving anything around to see what may be hiding way behind. Having the fruit basket at hand will help to avoid any wasting!

3- Add fruit to your decor
In restaurants, we often see paintings or big close-up pictures of fruit on the wall. This is not just to add color to their decor; this is another way to whet people’s appetite! In addition, it’s quite beautiful in a kitchen and a diningroom.

4- Keep it ready to eat

When you come back from the grocery store with all these delicious fruit, take a few minutes to wash them and get them ready to be eaten (cut them into pieces if need to be); sometimes we are too lazy to take the time to wash or cut fruit just before eating them. Now, there are no more excuses, they’ll be ready!

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