Friday, 15 May 2015

Be Creative For Memorial Day

by Forschler's Home Center

Memorial Day weekend is the perfect occasion to gather everyone you love to honor people who died while in the military service. Maybe some of them were in your family circle; take advantage of this special day to remember what they did for your country. Make this day a perfect moment to spend time with your close friends and family. What better way to have a good time with people we love than talking and eating a good meal around a beautifully decorated table, within the theme of the Memorial Day?

5 tips to succeed in preparing a Memorial Day table:

1)   Cook beforehand
Make the most of the time with your guests, get ahead! As soon as possible during the day, cut peppers into strips, homemade sauces ... simmer sauces in bowls and place them in the refrigerator. Also you can make chicken and meat skewers. You will just have to take them out in good time.

2)   Multiply tastes
Forget skewers from the supermarket, as they are bland and uninviting.
Lean rather towards ribs, chicken wings or meat slices, etc.
Just as well, add some sausages and match your chicken or meat with a slice of bacon, harmonized with mashed potatoes or runner beans for side dishes. In addition, make marinades with some spices and herbs such as mint, coriander, basil, oregano, thyme.

3)   Incorporate some marinades and sauces
To provide relief texture and give a good taste to your grilled, mix different marinades.
For example, you can mix soy sauce, honey and coriander.
N.B. honey is cooked with meat sauces, but it is just as good as fish sauces.
Do not forget the cold sauces for meat lovers. Also, add a lighter yogurt sauce and mint to join vegetables. Finally, on the table’s corner, put mayonnaise and ketchup, as always acclaimed.

4)   Don’t forget exoticism
Squeeze limes to make a marinade, use coconut milk to sweeten a sauce and season your dishes with a pinch of pepper.
Do not hesitate to prick your skewers on a pineapple cut in half.

5)   Create your personalized dessert
To end your meal, the dessert has to be light and creative. We recommend some fruit jars with cream or exotic fruit salad and ice coconut balls.
Nevertheless, you have the opportunity to be creative!
Think up braised fruits. Hand out sheets of aluminum to your guests and ask them to make their own selection. Besides it's fun!
Vary pleasures by mixing mango wedges, melons, apples or apricots. Prepare even skewers of fresh fruit. Finally, end your evening with skewers of marshmallow to melt on the barbecue and dip them in melted chocolate for food lovers.

Don’t forget the right cocktail!

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