Friday, 8 May 2015

Metal And Wood... Wonderful For Dining Room!

by Forschler's Home Center

Are you looking for ideas on how to give your dining room a trendy look this year? The solution: Keep it simple. Mix materials and colors.

What does that mean? If you want to change your home’s style within the 2015’s trend, you must remember one simple thing… every detail count! The secret is to keep it simple, by refining your decoration and keeping essential and useful elements in your dining room.
Indeed, using the combination of wood and metal is hot and trendy right now.

Why matching wood and metal?
When rustic wood and metal elements blend together, the outcome is sleek and beautiful. The appeal and beauty of wood and metal begin with their contrasting elements - the warmth of wood and the starkness of metal - that work together to create a rich interplay of rustic and modern. From tables and chairs, to lamps and bookcases, the worlds of earthy and mechanical intertwine to create a stunning statement.

Need some ideas to better picture it?
Dining room tables with wooden table tops and industrial metal legs are a stunning combination of form and function. Don’t forget that seating, like chairs and stools, and dining room servers are other great ways to combine wood and metal into your dining room.

If you want to mix some different styles in a room, choose a neutral decor which can remain natural and add a touch of industrial material… metal! It will undoubtedly refresh your room.

Moreover, you can easily choose from an array of Traditional, Contemporary, or Transitional styles. So be free to create your own signature style!

Now discover the beauty of the intersection where wood meets metal and see how you can combine these elements into your home.

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