Friday, 22 May 2015

It’s time to let sea air enter in your bathroom!

by Forschler's Home Center

There's nothing quite like the sound of crashing waves to relax yourself. Imagine for just a minute that you’re taking a bath in a nearby coastline; you hear the sea dancing and you are just thinking about… nothing except relaxing! That kind of tranquility seems to be achievable on holidays only, but in fact, you can bring it at home all year long!
The bathroom creates an atmosphere that makes you focus on nothing but yourself and soothing massage sensations. Don’t miss out!

Summer is coming soon! It’s time to redecorate your bathroom and reach a perfect and relaxing costal area!

Seafront style or beach style are synonyms of peace and relaxation. Those generally associate blue and white colors to bring a marine and fresh universe.

Useful information to better understand beach style:
Personality: Peaceful, humble, soft, fresh, elegant, exotic.
Main colors: navy-blue, white, off-white, light blue, a touch of orange.
Materials: clay, wood, cotton, linen, rope.
Furniture and accessories: shells, fishing net, pebbles, boat pictures, fish, etc.
Decorative elements: big bay windows, white walls, blue or white tiles, and why not a wall-integrated aquarium!
Close style: nature.

3 tips in bonus!
- Favor pale colors as light blue and white. You can illuminate your room with a touch of light yellow to give the perfect accent of liveliness.
- Incorporate at least a couple of elements that will resonate holidays at the beach, such as: sailor figures, starfish, costal frames, shell soap dishes…
- Your towels and toiletries can also be shown if they stick to the style and the colors.

3 mistakes to avoid!
- Beach pictures containing yourself.
- Exaggerating in decor elements.
- Neglecting the right materials and their quality.

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