Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Choosing The Right Light In 3 Steps

by Forschler's Home Center

Shopping for lights for the house seems to be very simple, but the truth is that there are points that we need to verify before purchase these luminous accessories. Here are 3 steps we must follow before shopping for lights:

1. What is the room size?
Obviously, large rooms will need more lighting than smaller ones! Determining if your room needs a lot of light or not will help you choose the correct light size; i.e. chandeliers and pendants are perfect for large rooms, but for small ones a floor or table lamps can do the job!

2. How much place do we have in the room?
Measuring how much space you have will also help you make a bright choice. If you already have a lot of furniture and/or accents in the room, maybe a thin light or a pendant could be great.

3. Which style predominates in this room?

Of course, sticking to the same theme as the other articles is advised for the simple reason that it will be more aesthetically pleasing!

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