Tuesday, 6 October 2015

5 Materials That Can Make Your House Look Trendy This Fall

By Forschler's

Leaves are falling and nights are getting chilly; these are the cue to autumn! So it is time to invite fall indoors and create a warmth atmosphere at home while enjoying sunset hues from your windows. Certainly, we all have started to cozy up at home but how could we bring comfort into our house during this season?  With sensory and tactile materials that will make our house look trendy!
Here are our 5 trendy materials that can set up a perfect fall atmosphere in house:

1. Wood. Even If you do not have hardwood floor you can still add some rustic accents in your living room!

2. Wool. Worsted or knit, wool is a natural décor fabric for this sweater chilly season. Woolen rugs under a coffee table, throws or pillows can make a great difference on a couch.

3. Velvet fabrics. Have a craving touch for velvet!

4. Ceramics. Get pumpkin center table on your dining room to stay in the fall mood.

5. Our final trendy touchy material is animal fur leather!

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