Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Plan A Last-Minute Halloween Party

By Forschler's

Halloween is just around the corner. Are you a busy bee who can barely find the time to brush your hair, let alone plan a Halloween party? Then you`ve fallen on the golden goose of party ideas for the procrastinator.  So feast your eyes on these 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Set a date
First and foremost, set a date, compile a list of guests and give them a call. Make sure you nip this in the bud right away! In order to entice your guests to come to your spooktacular party, mention there will be fun games, special treats and a costume contest! Keep in mind that not everyone is comfortable with dressing up. Word to the wise; add that this is optional.

Step 2 – Decorate your home inside & out
Get ready to have a frightfully good time by prepping your home inside and out to celebrate in style! Here`s a list of thrilling decoration ideas to inspire you:

1)      Transform the front yard into a graveyard.

2)      Board the windows

3)      Put a condemned notice on your front door. Try to make it look aged (you can do this by sponging a bit or tea or coffee onto the paper).

4)      Go crazy with some caution tape – this will give your guests the impression that your home is abandoned and unsafe… maybe even haunted.

1)      Add as many candles as possible, especially if you have a visible staircase. To avoid a fire hazard, you can purchase battery operated candles at the dollar store. You can always use real candles in jars for extra precaution.

2)      Cover your furniture with drop-cloths or sheets. Nothing says condemned like a house full of covered furniture!

3)      Change the light bulbs for some vintage colored ones, to create a dim atmosphere.

4)      Spider webs – if your house is going to look condemned, don`t forget spider webs!

Step 3 – Entertainment
Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment!  A successful party has great entertainment and treats to go along with it. I mean, let`s face it. No one wants to see their guests yawning and looking at their watches. Here are some great ideas to keep the party going:

1)      Halloween charades.  You can find free printables on Pinterest.

2)     Murder Mystery Game. Good news – you have access to free murder mystery games online, complete with character descriptions and scripts, so your guests will dive into the game.

3)      Halloween movie trivia. If you`re a horror movie buff, and so is your circle of friends, then this is the game for you. Again, this is another frugal game idea. Yes, horror movie trivia quizzes can also be found online.

4)      Last, but not least, the costumes contest. The pinnacle of your party is the contest. Make sure to take the time to vote on whose costume won the challenge. To add a little excitement, throw in a prize. It doesn`t have to be anything pricy. A candy loot bag can do the trick!

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