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How To Pet Proof Your Home

By Forschler's

You love how the right furnishings turn a house into a home. Yet it just doesn’t feel like home without the company of four-legged friends. Seems like you’re being forced to choose? With a bit of pet proofing, you, your pets and your style can cohabit beautifully under one roof.

Tips for Pet Proofing Your Home

 #1 Take a hard look at your floors.
Polyurethane-finished wood, vinyl/laminate, stone, tiles and concrete all make for easy cleanup  of hair, hairballs and pretty much anything else your pet can dish out. Be proactive. To prevent scratching, keep your pet’s nails trim. Vinyl/laminate floors don’t scratch easily but many pets find them uncomfortable and slippery. Maximize your style and your pet’s comfort with area rugs.

 #2 Choose easy-care materials.
Fido or Fifi love to join you in bed? Rest easier with a machine washable duvet cover, rather than a comforter. Or, put down a blanket or throw to give your pet a designated place to crash, be it on the bed, sofa, chair or elsewhere.

Say No to…
Anything delicate (e.g., silk or linen)
Velvet — It’s a pet hair magnet.
Button tufting — Pets might be tempted to pull on the buttons, and the deep crevices can trap fur.
Wicker — It’s the ultimate cat scratching post.
Loop pile — Though a very tight woven loop might work fine.

Say Yes to…
Leather/faux leather — It’s tough and resilient (any scratches you might encounter can add to the distressed look).
Like colors — If you have chocolate lab, for example, a brown sofa can make fur a lot less visual.
Synthetics — Opt for synthetics that are easily cleaned with a damp sponge and touch of soap. Faux suede is especially popular for this reason, whereas wool will attract and grab pet fur, making for stubborn cleanup.
Slipcovers — A chic slipcover that’s easy to get on and off can save the day. Blankets and throws also do the trick.
ScotchGuard® — Before you settle in, give your furniture investment that added layer of stain protection.

#3 Groom your pet regularly.
Combing and brushing your pets, especially during shedding season, is good for them and your furniture. Regular doggie baths and nail trims for cats and dogs help keep fabrics fresh and free of snags.

#4 Spoil with toys.
Without toys to play with, pets might look to your furniture as the next best thing. For those with an itch to scratch, a heavy piece of leather or jute slung over furniture might well suffice.

#5 Splurge on your vacuum.
Good vacuums don’t come cheap but they pay for themselves over time. One with strong suction and a pet tool pack can really cut down on your cleanup time.
Have any pet-proofing tips to share? Let us know in the comments section below.

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