Tuesday, 20 October 2015

How to Decorate with Squash

By Forschler's

Who said decorating your home for fall had to be expensive? Check out some thrifty DIY ideas with the use of squash to add a touch of autumn in your home. Time to roll up those sleeves!

Antique your butternut squash:

There is something about decorating a home with antiquities, as it adds instant history and soul. If you have a fondness for antiquities, then this is the project for you!

For a dark & rich aged-look, use dark wax. You can purchase some Minwax Stain at your local hardware store. Apply the stain to your squash and try not to spread it evenly, in order to achieve a distressed look. Make sure it dries in a well ventilated area, free of humidity or cold. Once it is dry, feel free to add some finishing touches like hemp string that you can tie to the stem. If the mood strikes, you can go a little wild and add some artificial leaves along with your string. Voil√† : the perfect antiqued squash for your home. Fall, come on in.

Pumpkin vases for your table escape:

Here`s another idea to jazz up your home for fall; pumpkin vases! Make a beautiful, yet simple table escape that is not only quick, but easy on the budget. First, hollow-out your pumpkin. Do not carve a large piece off the top, but just enough to slide a tall glass inside the opening. Then, spray paint the pumpkin white to soften the look of its deep orange coloration. You can also choose another muted color such as a pale blue or mint.  The idea is to tone down the color of the vase and draw the attention to the bouquet.

Once the spray paint has dried thoroughly, slide the tall glass through the opening of atop the pumpkin. Add some water to the glass and put together a beautiful fresh arrangement with flowers of your choice. If you prefer a low maintenance vase, then synthetic flowers are your thing. Don`t be afraid to use multiple colors, as it will add more character. There you have it, your very own pumpkin vase!

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